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Learn to dance in Champion Ballroom Academy's comfortable and friendly atmosphere.


Classes are held during the week nights and range in dances from the most formal Waltz to the fun and exciting Salsa!


I really love the Core Rhythm workout classes with Adella!  The people who go to these classes are high energy and it goes by quickly ... There's a lot of hip gyrating (ha ha) but it's ton of fun.  


I also attend Pepe's Salsa Classes and it's a very comfortable place to learn how to salsa.  The people are all very chill and no snobs here.  


I also always see some amazing dancing going on in the big studio and it's incredible to watch!

Ms. E.T.

San Diego, CA

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No partner is necessary.  Just drop in on the class of your choice.  Our easy-to-follow approach makes learning to dance simple and fun.  It is a great way to learn how to dance with many different partners as instructors rotate partners throughout the class giving you an opportunity to make new friends while you develop new skills.

Champion Ballroom Academy has this fun, partner-free dance fitness program designed to get you into your best form while giving you a fun and spirited workout.


Our Core Rhythms classes are a perfect balance between workout and dance.

Instructors in our Core Rhythms classes use dynamic music with a driving beat that creates a thrilling club-like atmosphere in a workout that is suitable for all levels from early beginner to very advanced.

Get $2 OFF of each class as our personal "Thank You" when you purchase 10 Classes.

Group Class credits can also be used to take Core Rhythms Classes at Champion.  Take advantage of the opportunity to have fun two ways!

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